The Best Neighborhood Christmas Lights in KC

When you think of Christmas lights in Kansas City, the obvious examples are either:

A) The Plaza

plaza lights







Or B) Crown Center








And generally, that’s totally correct. They’re beautiful.

But we’d like to remind you that there’s so much more to the KC Lights experience — and we found the neighborhoods to prove it.

Our trip through Overland Park, Lenexa, Kansas City and other nearby areas started with drive-by shots of the homes and neighborhoods. We quickly realized two things: We looked really creepy sticking our phones out of the window and taking pics of homes with people inside of them, and an iPhone isn’t the best tool for attempting this feat. So we stopped being creepy and decided, in typical internet fashion, to steal better pictures from other websites (whom we’ll credit, of course, even if that’s not how the internet usually works).

The first neighborhood on the list below looked like the homeowners were trying to one-up each other, and we benefited from the competition. Both Nottingham neighborhoods took a co-op approach and dazzled drivers with their whole-neighborhood effort.

The best part about Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park is getting to walk among the lights — it’s like being in another world where Christmas is just a part of nature. It’s totally worth the frostbite on your pinky toes and the underlying feeling that you’re being followed.

Vince & Associates is also an amazing display. Just be sure to stay in your car and tune your radio to 96.9 FM because they time their lights to the station’s Christmas music. And whatever you do, do not try to go onto their property; you might tempt the overzealous security guard stationed there to arrest you.

Any one of the areas listed below is worth taking a drive through, so load up the kids (or your inner child) and prepare to be blown away. Or at least moderately entertained.

If you have any great spots to add, feel free. We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Light Shows List:

1. Park Bridge Neighborhood at 131st and Antioch
2. Nottingham by the Green at 127th and Richards (photo credit:


3. Nottingham Park at Goddard and Switzer
4. Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park (Walking Trails) at 87th and Lackman (photo credit:


5. Vince & Associates at 103rd and Metcalf


6. Ward Parkway near 69th in Kansas City
7. Kensington Heights at Kensington Ave and 23rd in Kansas City

8. The penguin house at 16617 Indian Creek Parkway in Olathe. (photo credit:

penguin house


BONUS: There’s a house near 103rd and Quivira that has a ridiculously huge display. There’s even a helicopter. It’s right on the corner of 103rd, you can’t miss it. Literally, it’s like staring into the heart of the sun – you may want your sunglasses.



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