The Complete First-Timer’s Guide to Top Golf in OP

So here’s the thing about the new Top Golf in Overland Park: It’s amazing. Like, truly amazing. Whether you’re an expert like Tom Watson or a triple-bogey putter like Happy Gilmore, this place is gonna rock your argyle socks off.

Below is a quick guide to the coolest club in KC:

What it is

A giant, arcade-style driving range that features three levels and over 100 bays to launch golf balls from. The balls are embedded with microchips that track how far you hit them and how close they come to hitting the targets. This cutting-edge technology is ideal for golfers who, unlike this Mazumafier, actually know what the heck they’re doing.


Author’s victory pose after smashing the ball 22 yards.



Prices range from $20-40/hour depending on the time you go. The price is per bay, and each bay accommodates up to six players. Insider’s Tip: to figure out the price per person, know math.


Chillin’ by the bay.



See: Siri.

Alternatively, go to 435 and Nall in Overland Park and look for the insanely huge fence. You can see it for miles.



You’re gonna need one to play. Calm down, buddy. It’s not like Augusta National, just a one-time fee of $5. Our advice? Pay for it online before you show up so you don’t have to stand in line for half an hour.


Welcome to the swingers’ club.



If you’re like this Mazumafier, the last time you swung a golf club was at Smiley’s mini golf course in middle school. Do yourself a favor and get in some light calisthenics before it’s your turn because if you don’t, you’re going to hate yourself the next morning. But please, please save the lunges for home.


The lingo


What it is: a driving range area that holds up to six players.

What it isn’t: An affectionate term that millennials should immediately stop using, i.e., “I love you, bae!”

Player’s Card

What it is: the card you receive upon paying for your membership

What it isn’t: the mythological card you gave yourself in college for having “mad game” with the opposite sex


What it is: a club you use to hit the balls

What it isn’t: a clothes straightening tool you’re forced to use now that you’re an “adult” and “should probably be living out of the house by now”


No starch needed for this iron. [Ed. note: how you know the author is bad at golf? He thinks this is an iron.]

Go with someone better than you

It may hurt the ego, but this person is vital for teaching you important things, like how to grip a club, how to swing without throwing out your back and how to play it cool when you whiff in front of all your friends.


Swinging for the fences.


Go with someone worse than you

There’s no functional reason for this. It just makes the fact that you stink a little bit easier to deal with.


Thank goodness she came along. #egobooster [Ed. note: her swing looks way better than the author’s.]


Only one person gets to play at a time, which gives everyone else the perfect opportunity to stuff their faces with Top Golf’s surprisingly good food. Here’s a few of our favorites:


This signature creation is a Mexican take on traditional sushi. If nothing else, go here for this.


Mexican + Sushi = Mushi

Ultimate Breakfast

It’s pizza. It’s breakfast. It’s a gift from the golf gods.


This breakfast flatbread was eggs-actly what we needed.

Signature Nachos

They’re like regular nachos but — get this — better. *brain explodes*


Nacho ordinary nachos. #seewhatwedidthere



If you visit during the weekend, chances are you’re going to be waiting (Top Golf is first-come, first-serve). Good news? They’ve got an out-of-this world bar that’ll make the time fly. Even better news? After a few drinks your friends will be playing as badly as you.


Alcohol. The great equalizer.


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