The Ultimate A to Z Alphabet Book of KC

A is for … American Royal


As in, “I thought I had stumbled upon heaven last weekend, but it turns out I was just at the American Royal.”

B is for … Bottomless mimosas


As in, “I could rake leaves on Saturday morning … OR I could go to Louie’s Wine Dive and see just how bottomless those mimosas really are.”

C is for … Crown Town


As in, “Welcome to Crown Town, USA, home of the WORLD CHAMPION Kansas City Royals.” #NeverGetsOld


D is for … Deafening


As in, “Our deafening sports fans don’t just watch games, they break Guinness World records because they’re the loudest. Fans. Ever.”

E is for … Eric Stonestreet


As in, “Watching Eric Stonestreet blast Jimmy Kimmel with a paintball gun was almost as entertaining as watching our baseball team completely destroy his.”

F is for … First Fridays food trucks


As in, “Devouring tacos at the First Fridays food trucks counts as consuming art, right?”

G is for … the Guild’s chandelier


As in, “The Guild’s chandelier is nice and all, but I wish they would’ve made it more grand.”


H is for … Hotel Phillips


As in, “I don’t always feel like Gatsby, but when I do, I’m usually staying at the Hotel Phillips.”

I is for … Ice Skating at Crown Center


As in, “I’ve never ice skated before in my life, but it’s the holidays, so what’s a few broken bones?”

J is for … JoCo Gateway


As in, “One day the JoCo Gateway will make life so much easier. But until then, [explectives deleted]!!!”

K is for … The Kick Comedy Theater



As in, “The only thing funnier than last night’s show at The Kick was watching my boyfriend bark like a seal from laughing so hard.”

L is for … Lights

Lights collage,

As in, “I’m so grateful for the beautiful Kansas City lights … and for not having to pay the tab on that electric bill.”

M is for … Monarchs


As in, “Long before the Royals took the crown, the Monarchs were the original kings of Kansas City baseball.”


N is for … Neapolitan pizza


As in, “KC may be a barbecue town, but Neapolitan pizza places are popping up faster than you can say ‘Sopressata salami and calabrian peppers’ — and we’re not complaining.”


O is for … Oak Park Mall


As in, “You thought that Royals victory parade was nuts? Try going to Oak Park Mall the day before Christmas and then we’ll talk.”

P is for … Peanut wings


As in, “That song, ‘I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it‘ is definitely an ode to the Peanut’s  awesomely messy, fire-hot buffalo wings.”

Q is for … Q39


As in, “Whoever came up with Q39’s menu deserves a lifetime key to this city. Like, for real.”


R is for … Rex Hudler



As in, “Rex Hudler is like my crazy uncle … I have no clue what he’s talking about, but I still love him.”


S is for … Shatto Milk Company



As in, “If you’re in the mood for good bone density and eating cereal like a fancy pants, then you’re gonna love Shatto Milk Company.”


T is for … T-Rex


As in, “Someone should really tell that T-Rex at the Prairiefire Museum to eat something — he’s all bones!”


U is for Union Station


As in, “Union Station seems like a good place to throw a party, but I hope it’s big enough.”


V is for … Verruckt water slide


As in, “I have no idea what Verruckt means, but I’m guessing it’s German for ‘YOU DIE NOW.'”

W is for … Wheat Beer


Mazuma Photography

As in, “Nom nom nom Boulevard Wheat nom nom nom Kansas City om nom.”

X is for … railroad Xing


As in, “I totally would’ve made it to your downtown wedding, but I got stuck behind that random railroad Xing for like 30 minutes and by the time it passed I was like, eh whatever, I’m tired.”


Y is for … Yost


As in, “Ned Yost won the World Series. I still can’t believe I’m typing this sentence.”


Z is for … Zusi

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Sporting KC

As in, “I tried pulling off Graham Zusi’s man bun, but I ended up looking like a hairier version of Princess Leia.”



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