The Ultimate Royals New Fan Guide for 2016

An estimated 800,000 Royals fans attended last year’s championship parade, and a portion of them likely arrived by way of bandwagon. That’s not to say we’re judging. There were a lot of miserable seasons between World Series victories, and it’s only natural that some of those fans either stopped caring or grew up that way.

But after two consecutive outstanding years, we’re convinced that the remaining stragglers have finally boarded the big blue bus. Here’s a quick guide that’ll get those new fans up to speed faster than Eric Hosmer can swipe home base:


Joakim Soria

joakim soria

wah-KEEM Soria

Before you embarrass yourself in public, please don’t call the Royals reliever “JO-kim” or “YO-kim” or anything else that ends with “kim.” It’s pronounced “wah-KEEM.” Makes sense? You’re wel-kim.


Royal Threads


Some of the coolest KC t-shirts from The Bunker.

You can’t root, root, root for the home team unless you’ve got the gear to go with your cheer. For those who’d like to add a local flavor to their Royals threads, there’s a bevy of awesome KC merchants to choose from, including The Bunker, Charlie Hustle and Normal Human.


Must follows:

sam mellinger_pitch

KC Star sports columnist Sam Mellinger

Trouble keeping up with every move the team makes? That’s OK, rookie. These Royals insiders are like Nintendo cheat codes that’ll take you to next-level fandom:


Salvy Splash

Salvy Splash

As you surely know, the Royals win. A lot. That’s why you’ve joined this championship bandwagon, after all. And before you’re allowed to be an official Royals fan, you have to get doused by a Salvy Splash. That’s a real tradition we just made up.




Tailgate country.

If you think you’re going to the K just to watch baseball, you’ve got the wrong idea. This is tailgate country, where the only thing more important than the game on the field is the game on your grill. Here’s a list of tailgating Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO come hungry
  • DON’T come empty handed
  • DO make the parking lot a party
  • DON’T make the parking lot a potty

That’s it, really.


Where to Watch


Royals TV announcers Rex Hudler and Ryan Lefebvre.

If you want to be a true Royals fan, then you should probably watch some games. The easiest way to to do that is by tuning into the Fox Sports Network and enjoying all the ridiculous phrases that come out of Rex Hudler’s mouth. If you’re on the road, don’t sweat. The sweet and steady cadence of broadcast legend Denny Matthews on 610 radio will make you feel like you’re watching from behind home plate.



royals promos

Some of the season’s sickest SWAG.

The Royals have plenty of swag, and now’s your chance to get in on it. Here are the five best giveaways for the 2016 season. For a full list, check this out.

  • April 23: World Series Replica Trophies – first 20,000 fans
  • May 15: Monarchs Fedora – first 10,000 fans
  • June 14: “Keep the Line Moving” T-shirt — first 10,000 fans
  • Sept. 3: Salvador Perez Bobblehead — first 20,000 vs. Tigers
  • Sept. 18: Star Wars Day at the K



KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 30: Manager Ned Yost #3 of the Kansas City Royals stands in the dugout during their American League Wild Card game against the Oakland Athletics at Kauffman Stadium on September 30, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

In Ned We Trust.

Yosted (n): When something bad happens thanks to a questionable decision by manager Ned Yost. You’ll use this term a lot (usually while throwing things), but don’t get too upset. This mad manager has won us back-to-back pennants.


Cardinal Sin

cardinals_bleacher report

The other Missouri baseball team.

When it comes to being a Royals fan, there’s one Cardinal rule: no rooting for St. Louis. Not only are they our rival, but a St. Louis-area representative recently introduced a bill that designated the Cardinals as the official baseball team of Missouri. Of course, that bill quickly got shut down, much like the Cardinals did in last year’s playoffs. #ShotsFired



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