Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In KC: Zip Lining

Kansas City has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years, acquiring more residents, activities and recognition for being a forward-moving city and great place to live. We’ve decided to start checking out activities that one wouldn’t traditionally think about in the KC area. 

Living in the Kansas City area has its ups and downs, but mostly just its flats.  Most residents would agree that KC is the perfect place to live except for this one geological fail.  Little do most people know, there’s a much cooler way to experience the lay of the land other than at ground level.

IMG_4943Enter zip lining, the new-age way to fly through the air like a spider monkey (with a harness, of course … we can’t all be American Ninja Warriors).  I discovered that several zip lining parks exist in the KC area. I chose to visit Adventure Zip KC, located in Bonner Springs, KS. They had a variety of course options, including a hiking adventure and an all-in zip lining tour.  I chose the all-in zip lining tour because “hiking” has a different meaning in KC, one which usually ends with poison ivy and an oatmeal bath.

Adventure Zip KC is tucked away in the woods outside of the city limits. The staff walks through the training quickly and seems to be reasonably interested in your survival. Unfortunately, the guides don’t tell you about having to write your name on your helmet before you put the gear on, so you’re forced to trust someone else to write it on your helmet. This doesn’t end well if you’re with a close-knit group that has an appreciation for four-letter words.

skylineTo get to the first zip line tower you have to ride in a school bus, which is actually more terrifying than the zip lining. There were lots of pot holes on the dirt roads, and as I recall, school buses aren’t made for Mario Kart-style off-roading. When you finally arrive, you’re instructed to climb the stairs to the top of the tower. I recommend wearing your FitBit that day – I lost count of how many stairs there were after the fifth flight. I thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion, but my calves looked great so it was totally worth it.

Once you reach the top, you find yourself standing on the tower platform. There are no walls, so if you have a fear of falling off cliffs like most rational humans do, expect to feel uncomfortable. From there, your group starts zipping away, one by one. Amateur tip: It’s crucial that you tuck your legs into a ball when you start zipping so that you don’t end the trip “George of the Jungle” style with your body slammed face first into a tree.

The view of KC from the top is amazing. The terrain seems to go on forever, and the view brings a unique perspective to the natural beauty of Kansas City. It almost makes you forget that you just risked your life to get there.


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