Top 8 Places The Rolling Stones Should Visit While in KC

On June 27 The Rolling Stones tumble through Kansas City as part of their North American summer tour. Celebrating 50 years of performing and amplified aging, we’re here to offer these glorified geriatrics bad boys of rock a few tips on how to kill time Kansas City-style before they take the stage at Arrowhead Stadium. Here are a few things Keith, Mick and the gang might like to experience while they’re in town.

1.) The Harry S. Truman Museum in Independence, Mo.

Truman, America’s 33rd man behind the big wooden desk, used to call Missouri home. It only seems fitting that Mick and the band visit, considering they’re some of the last few people who were alive when Truman was in office.

president mick


2.) The Kansas City Northern Miniature Railroad Museum

If there’s one thing that men of a certain, uh, “maturity” love, it’s trains. That’s probably because they’ve forgotten what it’s like to have any steam left in their tanks.



3.) Water Aerobics Class at the YMCA

How do you think The Stones keep their energy up on tour? Exercise, and lots of it, especially of the aquatic variety. Perfect for brittle bones and replaced hips, the buoyancy lifts their spirits as much as it does their withered hides.



4.) Dinosaur Exhibit at the Prairiefire Museum

Or as the Stones would call it, a “family reunion.”

Rolling Stones Reunion


5.) The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

This KC gem is the perfect destination for Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie to take in some quiet culture just before their three-hour afternoon nap.



6.) BINGO at Primrose Retirement Community of Kansas City

Back in the day, these guys probably would’ve preferred something more up tempo. But now that they’re all senior citizens, this is much more their speed. And you know how they feel about speed.



7.) Happy Gillis Cafe & Hangout

This hipster diner is the perfect eatery for people who look incredibly awkward in skinny jeans. Not only that, but the restaurant has amazing biscuits and gravy, so Mick doesn’t need to worry about cracking his dentures. Who said he can’t get no satisfaction?



8.) Premier Plastic Surgery of Kansas City

Because let’s be honest. Mick’s seen better days.

mick aged


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