Top 9 Weirdest Things We Consume on a Regular Basis

We’re all about food lately, but can ya blame us? It’s Kansas City Restaurant Week — a foodie’s delight.

But all this eating got us thinking about all the weird foods we shove in our mouth without giving a second thought. Sure, we willingly choose to have cow’s tongue sandwiches and honey-covered grasshoppers, but we know they’re weird food. Here’s a list of the top 9 weirdest foods we digest on a regular basis:


1. Milk


What other animal on the planet drinks another animal’s bodily fluids? Besides us forcing it on cats, there just aren’t that many. Or any. Milk mustaches have gone from cute to utterly disappointing.


2. Coffee

coffee cherries

Coffee beans come from coffee cherries — a pretty, red fruit that grows on trees. But we ditch the outside and only take the bean inside. Which is weird, because we dump the seeds of pretty much every other fruit and eat the the rest. Plus, the bean starts out green, and only becomes the brown stuff you buy through roasting. It’s like consuming tiny, delicious pieces of charcoal.


3. Hot Dogs


While it’s gross to think about, there’s nothing wrong with eating a combination of the leftover parts of different animals, all ground together in a vat and cooked into sausage-shaped items. When eating hot dogs, you’re doing the environment a service by limiting waste. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night.


4. Yogurt


You know how creamy and yummy yogurt is? That’s bacteria, but it’s actually good for your tummy. It helps digestion and it comes in all sorts of flavors of foods you aren’t supposed to eat, like pie.


5. Beer


By far one of the best inventions of man — yet, it’s spoiled. Fermenting is the process of spoiling, no way around it. But I’ll have another glass of mold, please.


6. Mushrooms


While we’re on the topic of mold, mushrooms are fungus – really just straight mold. They can grow on poop. But man, yummy in the tummy, especially on a hot pizza made of more mold. Which brings us to …


7. Cheese


Cheese is coagulated milk. “Coagulated” is a pretty gross-sounding word on its own… and then when you think about bleu cheese, it’s moldy coagulated milk. MORE, PLEASE.


8. Taco Bell


Speaking of cheese and tacos, guys — T-Bell shredded cheese supposedly doesn’t melt. What cheese doesn’t melt? The kind that’s delicious at 2 a.m., apparently.


9. Caviar



Caviar is just a snooty sounding word for fish eggs. It’s really no weirder than eating chicken eggs, but it doesn’t quite taste as good when scrambled.



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