#USMNT is about soccer, not Ninja Turtles

One of the great things about living in Kansas City is being able to brag that our soccer team is better than yours. And it is actually better, legitimately and factually, since we’re the current holders of the MLS Cup. We’re all really into soccer around here, especially because our football team is often embarrassingly bad and we’ve recently resorted to celebrating our baseball team being number one in the standings “this late in the season,” i.e., mid-June. (It can be awful in the most boring and banal of ways to be a Kansas City sports fan when you’re really into football and baseball).

So soccer it is!

Because we’re giant soccer freaks around here, we’ve had enormous World Cup Watch parties of the type that receive national coverage for sheer awesomeness. Piggybacking on that, this Mazumafy author decided that it was absolutely necessary, in pursuit of highlighting the best of Kansas City, that we bring you watch party coverage.

Especially since my boss is somewhere in this crowd:


That crowd could handle anything, including a giant reptilian invasion.

Except that the game didn’t pan out to be super crazy and exciting: it was tense, and we never actually scored. The biggest crazy moment at the giant P&L watch party (i.e., the location of my boss) was when Ronaldo scored the goal for Portugal that ensured the U.S. advancement into the knockout stage.

Meanwhile, the crowded sports bar in South Kansas City where myself and a few other Mazumans had ducked into between conference calls to watch as much of the game as possible was the quietest we’d ever heard it, and totally empty within minutes of the end of the game:

That was one efficient server. Look how clean it is already!

So it wasn’t the wildest, most exciting soccer game in the history of the sport (and certainly not in the history of that quiet bar), and the U.S. lost, but we’re still defying expectations and advancing out of the Group of Death.

Best. Loss. Ever.


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