We did not have a food fight at Harvesters

The food storage area of Harvesters always looks super organized.


Because teams of volunteers, like a group of Mazumans hanging out there on a recent June afternoon, help keep it sparkly. (Or at the very least, non-dusty. Sparkly might be more than could be reasonably hoped for when dealing with a concrete-floored warehouse.)

Harvesters warehouse floor

See all those barrels? They look all nice and neat until you see the chaos contained within: a motley mishmash of boxes, cans, and bags in flavors sweet, salty, sour, and whatever that umami taste is that foodies go all nuts over. Our team of Mazumans cleared and organized 18 of those bad boys, along with 20 boxes and one really, really, really ginormous other box of food. Even better, all of that organizing? That was in the 90 minutes left over AFTER they did what they came to do, which was sorting and packaging the food out of two gigantic outdoor commercial trash receptacle-sized bins of food. After all, an hour and a half is wayyyy too long to be this bored:

bored bored bored bored

…especially because a food bank is a really awkward place to have a food fight.

What we’re saying is that they kicked copious amounts of tailfeathers, took names (and selfies, of course, because that’s a thing people do right now), and all around rocked it. We’re proud of them, so we’re going to be nice and show off their selfies.

selfie moar selfie


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