What your favorite KC grocery store says about you

They say you are what you eat, but we think your true personality is revealed by where you choose to buy the food that you eat.

Check out the list below to see what your favorite Kansas City grocery store says about you.


Hy-Vee off 95th & Antioch

People who shop here aren’t just coming to pick up milk and juice. They’re coming to drink gin and juice. This Hy-Vee haven has a bar inside, making it the perfect excuse to get out of the house to “run errands” 10-12 times per week.

hyvee bar



If this is where you shop on the reg, it’s because you either live near downtown, work near downtown or both. Accessibility is a bit of a pain, but the chic aesthetics of this urban market whets your millennial palate just as much as the delicious sushi bar.



Whole Foods

You’re an individual, and you want everyone to know it. Tats … piercings … heck, you’re gluten free by choice. Prices may be a tad (read: crazy) marked up, but at least the food is organic — unlike your favorite clerk’s Rastafarian hairstyle.



Price Chopper off 151st & Metcalf

Those who shop here don’t mind taking credit for other people’s work. That’s because this mammoth store offers the best ready-made food in the land (or at least outside your mother’s kitchen). Nachos, baked goods, smoked meats, pizza and popcorn are just a few of the items you swear were “made from scratch” when bringing them to social gatherings.

Price Chopper


Trader Joe’s off Ward Parkway

You’re a shopper on a mission, and nothing’s getting in the way between you and all the great deals. Yes, surviving the wall-to-wall frenzy is hectic, but that case of Two Buck Chuck you just bought will quickly drown those stresses away.

trader joes


Sun Fresh Market in Westport

Adrenaline junkies love this Westport grocer. That’s because there’s always a chance that they may not make it from the parking lot to the building alive. Shoppers are likely to hear a few scant gun shots, but that just adds to the murder/mystery ambiance.

sun fresh


Hen House

Two words: Salad. Bar. If you shop at Hen House, it’s probably because you’ve got a green tongue. In terms of toppings, they have more options than your cable company’s automated phone system. And that’s A LOT.




This place is for ballers on a budget. All of the food is off brand, which is fine by you because you know it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And what’s on the inside of this store is super cheap food that doesn’t (completely) taste like rubber.



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